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Gustav Ericsson lives in Umeå, Sweden, and teaches zazen in churches and at Umeå University. He writes a blog about Master Nishijima's teachings and about practicing zazen regardless of religious creed.

Kajo Zendo

 Kajo Zendo
The Kajo Zendo in Finland hold a regular schedule of Zazen practice/talks in Helsinki.




Dogen Sangha Berlin
Visit Juergen Seggelke's blog for information on Dogen Sangha in Berlin


Dogen Sangha Frankfurt
We are an open group in the tradition of Dogen Sangha, founded by Nishijima Roshi in Tokyo. We practice shikantaza (just sitting) and study Dogen Zenji's teachings with lectures by Yudo J. Seggelke Roshi.





Association Zen Dogen Sangha
Jean-Marc Bazy's group hold a regular schedule of Zazen practice, talks and retreats in the Lyon-Villeurbanne area of France.




 Un Zen Méridional
Michel Proulx lives in Montpellier in southern France. His website includes Buddhist texts and articles in French, English, and Italian. 

Sit Down and Shut Up


 A Buddhist Website
Brad Warner has studied Buddhism with Gudo Nishijima for several years.  His website describes his own experience of Buddhism. 




  Dogen Sangha Bristol
Visit Mike and Yoko Luetchford's group in Bristol, in the South West of England.




 Un Zen Occidental
Eric Rommeluere has studied Buddhism with Taisen Deshimaru, Ryotan Tokuda and Gudo Nishijima. Eric's group is based in Paris. 



 Werner Kristkeitz Verlag
Publisher of the German translation of the Shobogenzo and other Buddhist books in German.
For extracts of  Shobogenzo Books 1 and 2 in German, visit




 Chapel Hill Zen Center
The Chapel Hill Zen Center hold regular meetings in the Durham-Chapel Hill area in North Carolina. 



The AZI sangha, founded by Master Taisen Deshimaru, forms the heart of the International Zen Association.


 Gudo Nishijima's book "To Meet the Real Dragon" (with Jeffrey Bailey) and his English translation of "Shobogenzo" (with Chodo Cross) and "Shinji Shobogenzo" are available from and

 Wisdom Books
Europe's leading suppliers of Buddhist books and distributors for the Shobogenzo in Europe. The Shobogenzo can be ordered online from Wisdom.


Zen Dojo
Shobogendo, Hannover,

Dagmar Doko Wasknig`s group ZEN DOJO SHOBOGENDO in Hannover,
holds a regular schedule of Zazen, teaching, a five-year-study-program and
retreats (sesshins) in Hannover and in different centers in Germany and Austria.
For the program see


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